Monday, October 29, 2012

Portrait of a Sculptor

This is an oil painting of artist Dave Thomas (Now Deceased). It is 24x24 inches, and is being completed in layers, using a variety of paints. The medium that I have used on this, consists of cold pressed linseed oil, in a palette cup, to loosen the strokes. The paint has a small addition of a medium that I made recently, consisting of Venice turpentine, stand oil, and gum spirits of turpentine. This medium is a slower drying oil, balsam, essential oil medium, and permits some effects that I was seeking. At this point, I have applied an isolating layer of very thin amber varnish. It is now dry, and ready for overpainting. 

This image is significant to me, as having been cremated, Dave no longer exists. However, in my mind he does, and the day that is depicted does as well. 

Career Change

I generally do not like to discuss, or explain my paintings, as it has always been my belief that a work of art should be self explanatory. A painting should be a private form of communication, between the artist and each prospective viewer. Everyone who views a work will form their own opinion, and we all know that everyone has one, and in the world today, very few can refrain from expressing them. That said, I do feel a need to discuss this a bit. It is not political, although at first glance it could appear to be so. Rather, It is my attempt to express a concept, rather than a political protest, and the subject could have been expressed, via many characters, throughout many periods of history.

I have often wondered if wars would be commenced, and conducted as we see, if those who issued the orders, actually had to do the fighting. There was a time in history, when king and emperor, rode on horseback, and was right there in the thick of the fighting. Apparently, those days are now centuries, if not a millennium past. Nevertheless, I do wonder if those who issue orders for wars to commence, were right in there in the heat of battle, would other less violent solutions be found? Or, if the conflict were absolutely necessary, as we all have seen, would leaders provide the necessary resources, and rules of conduct to get the job done.