Monday, October 29, 2012

Portrait of a Sculptor

This is an oil painting of artist Dave Thomas (Now Deceased). It is 24x24 inches, and is being completed in layers, using a variety of paints. The medium that I have used on this, consists of cold pressed linseed oil, in a palette cup, to loosen the strokes. The paint has a small addition of a medium that I made recently, consisting of Venice turpentine, stand oil, and gum spirits of turpentine. This medium is a slower drying oil, balsam, essential oil medium, and permits some effects that I was seeking. At this point, I have applied an isolating layer of very thin amber varnish. It is now dry, and ready for overpainting. 

This image is significant to me, as having been cremated, Dave no longer exists. However, in my mind he does, and the day that is depicted does as well. 

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