Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Post

I will be posting images of my work soon, and descriptions of technique. For the most part, I work with oil paint, and combine this with various mediums, including varnishes made from Baltic amber, and hard copal. I make my own mediums from amber, copal, damar, and various resins such as Canada balsam, and Venice turpentine. My hope is that as this blog progresses, in addition to my work, I will be able to provide some useful information related to these mediums.

I am interested in the craft of painting. Therefore, in addition to the mediums that I make, I also like to stretch my own canvases, prepare my own panels, make my own easels, palettes, and frames, and have learned over the course of time to make my own paint, as well. For the most part however, I use commercial tube paint, and occasionally use commercial supports.

Thanks for looking, and please check back.

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