Friday, January 16, 2009

From a few years ago:
This painting took quite some time, and was completed in layers. The medium is oil, with the addition of alkyd resin. Although alkyd resins do not appear to have the same light refraction as natural resins, they do work marvelously when building up layers. The support is wood, with a frame built around the image areas, then the paintings were completed. The frame was painted with a dark red ocher, and then gold leafed. The detailed areas of the frame are carved polymer clay. The support was gessoed, and an underdrawing was completed. This was fixed, and then tinted with red ocher. The darks were established, and an underpainting was completed. Next came many layers of paint and colored glazes. As a copy, I learned a lot. The vanishing points also reveal quite a mystery.


  1. Wow,I have a stong devotion to Mary and this is just awesome!


  2. Thanks Jason. I should probably update this blog more often.