Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Asteh Tisi Elaws

Dave passed away June 1, 2011. He will be missed. One day years ago now, I was standing there under a bright spring sun, talking with Dave, and immediately noticed a spider was crawling on his shirt. It was a quite intimidating spider, and I said Dave you have a spider on you, and pointed to it. He looked at it, then lifted it with his finger, stooped down and placed it on the ground. It crawled away. I would have smashed it, and asked him why he did not do likewise. He said that one shouldn't kill something when it was not necessary. I will never forget that. I am grateful for the opportunity to have known Dave. I hope he has found some good stone and some good tools.

This is a portrait of my friend. Dave is a stone sculptor, and painter. His sculptures are in collections across America. I was inspired to paint this, while both of us attended a pow wow at the Saginaw Chippewa reservation, in Michigan, several years ago. I was honored to participate in a two person show with Dave, in August, 2009, at Delaware, Ohio.

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