Friday, January 29, 2010

Modeling form with impasto paint. This painting is 11x14, and was done rather quick, using large hog bristle brushes. I wasn't really worrying about detail, but rather wanted to convey form, and focus on the effect of light. It is painted on burlap that has been glued to a hard wood panel. Burlap is a very rough textured fabric, and has exceptionally large interstices. It requires a great deal of preparation, as it is very absorbant. Generally about 4 layers of gesso. A friend tossed a piece to me several years back , and said "try painting on that." I thought he was insane, but gave it a try nevertheless. It turns out to be an amazing surface to paint on. The paint can be plastered into the fabric, and this permits paint to be blended well without mediums, and it provides a nice foundation for impasto paint. I later found out that Gaugain painted on jute, after seeing a painting at the Toledo Museum of art. One thing that is for certain is that it is very hard on brushes.

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