Saturday, March 13, 2010

On the easel at present. This painting is coming along very slow. Have been at it now for almost two months. This is 30x40 inches, and is relatively large. It is oil paint with a medium composed of stand oil, Venice turpentine, and oil of spike. This permits the oil to level, and the various sections to fuse better. For some reason the medium has been causing the paint to dry very quickly, and this is surprising due to the components, none of which is known for being quick drying.
I have very much enjoyed working on this, as the paints are Permanent Pigments, which later became Liquitex oil paints, and have long since been discontinued. Liquitex is now known as one of the finest Acrylic paint manufacturers, yet they were known to make some of the finest oil paints around. The Permanent Pigments are simply awesome paint, and were made in Cincinnati, Ohio. The tubes are over 40 years old, and are just as good as if they were made yesterday. The reds are from the old Grumbacher Finest oil paint line. Now that the major areas are finally covered, I will work on all of the small details, and this will take quite some time. There will also be numerous glazes, and several varnish layers, before it is completed.

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